COVID-19 Guidlines

Faith Lutheran Church

Re-Opening for Activities


As we prepare to re-open Faith to our members, we also want to allow our outside groups to come back to Faith as well.   So effective June 21, 2020 we will allow your group to hold worship services, bible studies, and meetings in our facility once again……but with the following:

  • All children must stay with their parents and remain in the sanctuary/worship room.   No children will be allowed to run/roam around in the hallways, nursery, gym or other areas.    Children going out to use the rest room must be escorted and returned to sanctuary/worship room.   If not able to follow this, then children will NOT be allowed in our facility!
  • You must follow all current CDC/Local government guidelines.
  • You will be required to clean/disinfect all pews, lecterns, chairs, tables, countertops, that you use.   This will involves cleaning/disinfecting all areas that are touched by people.    We will provide cleaning/disinfectant supplies and make them available to you in your area of use.
  • We request that all participants wear masks, but leave that option up to you.
  • Social distancing (staying 6 feet apart) is still mandatory.
  • Please note that we will not offer a place for fellowship/gathering in the church lobby or hallways!   You may gather outside on the south lawn or the parking lot – following social distancing.  
  • The kitchen area is off limits!  
  • If food or drink is needed it can be brought in by your group and MUST be taken back out by your group. 
  • All food/beverage items must be in individual packages.  (Example: bottle water or individual cookie packages, etc.) 
  • Gloves/Masks must be worn by those handling/serving food and beverage.   
  • Trash must be put in our available trash or recycling bins.  Do not leave for others to cleanup after you please. 

Just know that we are asking you to follow the same procedures as we are having our congregation follow.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation! 

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