Part 4: Into Action: Step 10

Part 4: Into Actions: Step 10 (Pages 84-85)

**Step 10 is the process of living day to day, and as importantly moment to moment.  Step 10 – Step 11 and Step 12 is “how” we work a daily program.

  1. Which thought brings us to Step 10?
  2. What does Step 10 suggest?
  3. Define the word, “Vigorously”.
  4. What is the “way of living” we are commencing, as we cleaned up the past?
  5. Which Steps allow us to “clean up the past”?
    1. Are these same principles contained within Step 10?
  6. Where have we now entered?
    1. What does that mean to you?
  7. Why do you think that the word “Spirit” is capitalized?
    1. How do you feel about the title Bill gives this new world?
  8. What four defects do we continue to watch for?
    1. When do we watch for them?
    2. Where do they manifest themselves?
    3. Where do they originate from?
  9. What four actions do we take, “when” these four defects crop up?
  10. When do we ask God to remove them?
  11. When do we discuss them with someone?
  12. When do we make amends if we have harmed someone?
  13. When do we turn our thoughts to someone we can help?
  14. Define the word, “Resolutely”.
  15.  What is our code?
    1. In your own words, define “love”.
    2. In your own words, define “tolerance”.
    3. Now, look up both words in a dictionary.
  16. What two things have we quit fighting?
  17. What has been promised to return by this time?
    1. How do you feel about that?
    2. What if you haven’t done the work?
  18. How often might you be interested in liquor?
  19. What will happen if you are ever tempted by liquor?
    1. Is that different than when you were new in AA?
  20. What has happened automatically?
  21. What has been given us without any thought or effort on our part?
  22. Define the word, “miracle”.
  23. Do you believe that real miracles take place?
    1. If so, describe some that you know about or have personally experienced.
  24. Why would being relived from alcoholism be considered a miracle?
  25. Are we avoiding temptation or fighting the urge to drink?
  26. Where have we been placed?
    1. Who placed us there?
    2. When was the last time you took a few minutes and thanked God for your sobriety?
    3. Take a few minutes now and thank Him.
  27. What has happened to the problem?
    1. Who took the problem?
    2. Thanks again, God!
  28. What is our experience?  What is required to stay in this position?
  29. What two (2) things are easy?
  30. What are we headed for if we do?
  31. Have we been cured?
    1. If not, what exactly do we have?
    2. Are there any conditions for this reprieve?
  32. What must we carry into all of our areas of our lives everyday?
  33. Define the word, “Vision”.
  34. What do you think Bill W. means by “all of our activities”?
  35. Does that mean that God has a “vision” for all of our activities?
    1. If so, what does this mean to you?
  36. What thoughts must go with us constantly?
  37. What is the proper use of the will?
    1. If this is true, what must the improper use of the will?
  38. Who has all knowledge and power?
  39. If we have carefully followed directions, what should we have begun to sense?
    1. What do you believe this means?
    2. What would the result of this be?
    3. How would your life change if this were to actually happen?
    4. Has it happened to you?
  40. What have we become to some extent?
    1. What does this mean to you?
    2. What does being “conscious of God” mean?
    3. How would this effect your thoughts and actions if you were God-conscious or “conscious of God” at each passing moment?
  41. What have we begun to develop?
  42. Have we gone far enough?
    1. To go further, what must we do?
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