Into Action: Part 1: Step 5

Into Action: Part 1: Step 5

Pages 72-76

  1. What three things have we been trying to get?
  2. What have we ascertained?
  3. What is going to happen next?  What does this require, specifically?
  4. What is there doubt about?
  5. How many self-appraisals have you done?
    1. Were these done before joining AA or after joining AA?
    2. How have they worked in “casting out” all that has blocked you from God?
  6. What is the best reason for discussing ourselves with another person?
  7. What have newcomers tried to do?
  8. What are some of the “easier” methods you have tried?
  9. Once you decided to quit drinking, have you ever fell?
    1. Have you ever wondered “why” you fell?
  10. Have you ever completed your housecleaning?
  11. What do you think Bill means by the statement, “they only thought they had lost their egoism and fear; they only thought they had humbled themselves”?  Is this why you fell?  Explain your thoughts.
  12. What will telling someone all your life story do?
  13. What does Bill mean by a “double life?”  Have you ever lived a “double life”?  Are you living one now?
  14. What does the actor do?
  15. What does this actor want to enjoy?
  16. What makes things worse for him?
  17. What does he find revolting?
    1. What does he do with those things?
    2. Have you ever done those things?
    3. IF so, does that make you an actor?
  18. What is the result of this kind of living?
  19. What do psychologists agree with AA on?
    1. What are the two things we have not done when seeking counselling?
  20. Why does the medical professional have a low opinion of alcoholics?
  21. If we want to live long or happily in this world, what do we have to do?
  22. How do we decide who is to hear our Step 5?
  23. Who do we search for?
  24. Should we share our Step 5 with spouses or parents?  Why or why not?
  25. What are the conditions for holding off on our 5th Step?
  26. What are the three (3) requirements, mentioned in the Big Book, for the person who is to hear our 5th Step?
  27. What should we tell the person we are going to be giving our 5th Step to?
  28. What should he/she understand?
  29. What promises do we receive for illuminating every twist of character, every dark cranny of the past?
  30. What do you think the promise, “We can look the world in the eye.” means?  Is that appealing to you?
  31. Why would we be able to be alone at “perfect peace and ease”?
  32. How much effort goes into, Our fears fall from us.”  Do you believe this is even possible?
  33. What does the “nearness of our Creator” feel like?  What kind of experience might that be?  Have you ever felt the nearness of your Creator?
  34. What is the difference between spiritual beliefs and a spiritual experience?
  35. Bill uses the word “disappear” when describing the next promise after completing Step 5.  What are your thoughts about this?
  36. Are you on the Broad Highway?
  37. What does it mean to walk “hand in hand” with the Spirit of the Universe?
  38. What do we do next?
  39. What do these prayers, reflections and questions seem to indicate?
  40. How long do we reflect for?  What exactly do we do in this hour?
  41. Are Steps 6, 7 and 8 contained within this hour?

**Big Book Study: Chapter 6: Into Action: Step 6 and Step 7

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