There Is A Solution

There Is A Solution

  1. Before you begin reading Chapter 2, answer this question, “What do you think the solution is?”
  2. Read Chapter 2, “There is A Solution”
  3. Why do you think they continue to use the word “recovered”? (page 1)
  4. Define “steerage”.
  5. Define “fellowship”.
  6. Define “friendship”.
  7. What does this book carry to those who suffer from alcoholism?
  8. Write briefly about your personal experiences with the following, in the context of the book?
    1. Misunderstanding
    2. Fierce Resentment
    3. Financial Insecurity
    4. Disgusted Friends
    5. Disgusted Employers
    6. Warped Lives of Blameless Children
    7. Sad Wives (Husbands)
    8. Sad Parents
  9. What needs to be reach before something can be accomplished?
    1. Why?
  10. Where is the most important place to demonstrate these principles?
  11. Where you a Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde?  Explain.?
  12. What is the fourth dimension of existence?
  13. What are the symptoms of your alcoholism?
  14. Do you have the “power of choice” in drink?
  15. Have you ever thought “it won’t burn me this time”?  Explain.
  16. What is the solution?  Is this answer different from the answer you gave in Question #1?
  17. What is the fourth dimension of existence?
  18. Describe the “great fact” that Bill is writing about.
    1. If you experienced this in your life?
    2. If not, try praying right now…
    3. If you have, take some time to thank God that He has blessed you and ask Him to reveal Himself even more to you.
  19. What did the business man (Rowland H.) learn from Dr. Carl Jung?
  20. Have you ever heard someone tell you that you were hopeless?  If so, how did that feel?
  21. What changes within men and women who have had a spiritual experience, according to Dr. Jung?
  22. When you were drinking, describe your “ideas, attitudes and emotions” that dominated your life.  Have they changed?  If so, why?  If not, why?
  23. What “ideas, attitudes and emotions” would you like to be dominated by in your life today?  Quietly and humbly, right now ask God to grant you these new “ideas, attitudes and emotions”.
  24. What is a “design for living” mean?
  25. Do you belong to a religious body?  What are your thoughts on religion and religious people?
  26. What do you think Bill means when he uses the phrase, “clear cut directions”?
  27. Just like the stories in the back of the book, take a moment and describe from your own point of view the way you established your relationship with God.
  28. Are you persuaded to say, “Yes, I am one of them too; I must have this thing.”?
  29. So, after going through this chapter, what do you believe the founders of AA were trying to tell us about the solution?
  30. Does this “solution” the book is offering differ from what you hear in meetings sometimes?
    1. If so, how does it differ?
  31. Do the conversations you have with your sponsor / sponsees center around the principles within the chapter, There is a Solution, or something else?
    1. If so, how do they differ?
  32. Take a moment and thank God for the time you have in sobriety.

**Big Book Study:  Chapter 3:  More About Alcoholism

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