How It Works: Opening

How It Works (Pages 58 – 60)

  1.  Slowly read pages 58 – 64.
  2. Define the word “rarely”.
  3. Who’s path are we supposed to follow?
  4. Define “cannot” and “will not”.  What is the difference?
  5. What does “completely give themselves” mean to you?
  6. What does the phrase “constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves” mean to you?
  7. What is the difference between “grasping” and “developing”?
  8. What is the average change of recovery?
  9. Can those of us recover who have “grave emotional and mental disorders”?
    1. What do we need in order to recover?
  10. Is there a difference between having “a capacity to be honest” and actually being “honest”?
  11. How are our stories disclosed?
  12. According to page 58, what two (2) things have to happen before you are ready to take certain steps?
  13. Define the work “balk”.
  14. The first 100 begged us to be what, from the vert start?
  15. What are some of your old ideas about alcohol?  Life?  Relationship?  God?  Etc…
  16. Why do you think you try to hold onto old ideas?
  17. What does the phrase “let go absolutely” mean to you?
  18. Define the words “cunning”, “baffling”, and “powerful”.
  19. Why, in your own words, must you find God?
  20. In Step, what is the difference between “unmanageable” and “mismanaged”?
  21. What does the phrase, “Came to believe” mean in Step 2?
  22. What do you think the phrase, “restored to sanity” means in Step 2?
  23. Do you believe that God “could” restore you to sanity?
  24. Define the word “Decision”.
  25. Why should you not be discouraged?
  26. If the principles (12 Steps) are guides to progress, what do we have to do to actually be claiming “spiritual progress”?
  27. Why do you think Bill uses the words “were” and “could” in A?
  28. Why do you think Bill uses the word “could” in B?
  29. What do you think Bill means by using both “could and would” in C?

**Big Book Study:  Chapter 5: How It Works:  Step 3

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